Fun at the pool….


Summer is in full swing and nothing is better than a dip in the pool! I have experienced all types of swimming pools in my life but I have never used a pool in this manner before! Every 30 Roasting hours I dismantle Marlene (the 12 kilo Diedrich ) and scrape, scrub and clean her back to new as possible. A lot of the interior pieces need to soak overnight and well…in comes the kiddie pool! The interior drum of the Roaster is seasoned with the oils of the coffee and just like your favorite cast iron pans you leave it alone! As for the rest it needs serious cleaning! clean

Your product is only ever as good as the care you take with creating it. Part of the creative process is maintaining the equipment that produces it! I actually love taking apart this machine and caring for it … it helps me to understand it better. Putting back together is always a little nerve wracking but I haven’t had an issue yet!


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